The bad news is....

I never got my surgery. To cut a long story short, i missed one of my doses of insulin the night before so my bloods were high the next day. When they checked it while doing my observations it was very high. They took their time trying to sort it out and time ran out and they decided to postpone it. I am devastated. Now it is a waiting game again while the diabetes nurse decides that the bloods from the past week are good enough to put me back on the list. They are normally ok. My consultant wants to have a telephone conversation in 8 weeks time then decide if i can go back on the list as an urgent case. I am not happy to accept that and am fighting it with the diabetes nurse as she told me last week that it would not be weeks before i get another chance at surgery. I emailed her today but she hasn't got back to me as yet. I am waiting with anticipation.

I will keep you updated.

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