Rant - rude & selfish people

I can't believe what happened in Tesco last night. We popped in for something and as we passed the reduced section we noticed that they were filling up the shelf with reductions. Great, loads of things going on. A woman was standing just in front of me. As we waited i made comments like, ooh custard tarts and and sausages and she looked at me and smiled. Little did i know there was evil behind that smile! Her daughter was at the top of the aisle and she beckoned her to "come here, quick". which she did. Then the two staff members moved after filling and these two women just dived onto the bottom shelf where all the meat was and started grabbing things. Whole chicken, chops, chicken pieces and yes...... sausages. I just couldn't believe my eyes. Social distancing?? No. I ended up standing right against her and grabbing some flavoured chicken thighs just before she got them. We got some chicken breast fillets and walked away. They must have been drooling over their stash. How rude and selfish were they? I have been there before sand moved over so that people can get in at the same time as me. I would never be so rude and behave like a vulture. I'm still thinking about it now, i just can't believe some people. Fuming!

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