Operation over! I'm back home already.

Well, it has been a while. I'm sorry for not writing sooner but not been a good time for me. As you know i have been waiting for an operation, well after 2 cancellations i have finally had it done. In on Monday, out on Wednesday. Can't be bad. I am still a bit sore, obviously, but it will hopefully get better in time. Physiotherapist's told me it could take up to 18 months to be completely back to how i was. I have an issue with my left hand and leg where they are a bit weak now so i have a cane to walk with, it helps. I'm unsteady on my feet but i have a lot of help from Paul, my husband, my rock! He has been great. So happy to be back to Paul's cooking and not hospital food. It's just cold when you get it. On the first day in there i had just a sandwich for dinner and another one for tea, the next morning i was n hypo, surprise surprise. If I'd have know i would have taken some snack in with me. Right, i need to rest now so i will catch up again soon. LI need to get back into coking so let's all get cooking. Please message me and share what you have been cooking lately, I'd love to hear.

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