Updated: Jan 8

I suppose I should introduce you to the family. There is myself, my husband Paul and our son Lewis, he's 19 years old.

We also have 4 cats and 2 dogs. Since it's so late I will start with 2 of the cats. Ginger is our first fur baby that we have had the longest. I forget how old he is, about 12 years old, i'll find his paperwork tomorrow. Anyway, he is male and such a lovely cat. He knows when its feeding time and comes home for exactly that time. This is him, handsome fella. I just love his dirty nose, it's always like that, it's permanent.

We also have Poppy who i bought for Paul for his birthday as he wanted another cat. She is 2 years old. She's not very fussy around us but loves teenagers. She has hardly came for fuss from us. She got pregnant last year and was a little more affectionate towards us. She had 3 lovely kittens 2 black ones and 1 black/white one. I will save that cutie post for tomorrow as I think i should go to bed now. Here is a picture of Poppy on her own, then feeding her babies last year. Beautiful.

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